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Home Office statistics show that each year there are more than 100,000 buildings fires resulting in over 600 fatalities. The suffering caused is incalculable and financial losses immense, making reliable and effective fire detection and fire alarm systems essential.

Fire Alarms For Business

Fire detection and alarm systems are often taken for granted, and yet when they are needed in an emergency their effectiveness is a matter of life and death. Getting the best fire protection for your staff and premises is essential because a fire can result in significant losses for businesses through production time lost and customers who source supplies from third parties and never return.

Fire statistics show that 80% of businesses that suffer a significant fire fail with the following 12 months.

At ClearView, we understand the importance of life saving technology with fire detection and alarm systems that cover every application, including state of the art integrated installations that comply with the fire alarm systems quality standards.

To find out how ClearView Installed fire alarm systems can help protect your business, Call us today 0800 145 5171


Smoke Alarms for Homeowners

 Many homes have smoke detectors, but just how many actually work? No Need to ignore the annoying bleeping of low batteries now with new technology clearview can install mains powered smoke and heat detectors with battery backup  and all linked together with Radio link technology .

All ClearView Installed fire alarms, including smoke detectors can be constantly monitored providing complete peace of mind.


To find out how many smoke detectors are not working and how ClearView can protect your home and family, Call us today 0800 145 5171.

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